Face mask (pack of 5)
Face mask (pack of 5)

Face mask (pack of 5)

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Moulded foam washable re-usable face mask

This mask is designed to interrupt the flow of droplets both to and from the wearer.

This mask is ideal for warehouse, office, ancillary staff, care workers, retail staff, transport and delivery workers, and any sub-clinical groups of people where the risk of transmission is higher than the general population.

As these masks are washable and re-usable for up to a month, this equates to less than 20p per day.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery to mainland UK. 

Maintenance and storage

* When required wash by hand in hot water with mild detergent.

* Rinse, dry gently in a warm place or leave on/near a radiator.


*note: do not use any solvent based cleaning products or alcohol wipes - this could damage the cellular structure of the foam.

- Discard mask after 1 month or after washing 6 times.

- The mask should be stored in its sealed packaging out of direct sunlight before use.

- The mask should be regularly examined to ensure it’s free from damage, rips or other deterioration.

- After use, store in original packaging.

- Discard and replace the mask if it becomes contaminated with

blood or other infectious material.

- Disposal of the mask should be handled safely.

Important information

This mask is NOT designed for intimate healthcare contact where single use,disposable masks destined for incineration would be most appropriate. (i.e Doctors and Nurses in care of high dependency patients)

In rare cases the materials used in this mask may cause a reaction to the skin of susceptible wearers, if a reaction occurs; remove mask immediately and rinse face with gentle soap and water. If the reaction continues then cease using the mask and contact the manufacturer.

This mask has been designed without a valve to give extra protection from infected droplets - this makes the mask warmer than valved masks, therefore, it is important to follow this user guide correctly to allow you maximum comfort and safety.

Fitting and use

We recommend using this mask when in close proximity to others for half an hour at a time with regular breaks. Ensure you wash your hands before donning and after removing the mask.This mask is designed to create a seal around the face, if the fit is inadequate then a significant reduction in protection will be provided. Before initial use, check the mask is within the shelf life stated on the packaging. Check the condition of the mask for signs of damage before every use.

The mask is moulded to the contours of the human face including comfortable grips around the nose area. Fitted correctly and with the aid of elastic straps, the mask creates a snug seal around the edge consistent with comfort.

Foam grips inside the mask sit on the bridge of the nose - for correct positiong ensure the grips are not pressing on the nostrils.

Place the top strap above the ear onto the crown of the head.

The bottom strap goes around the back of the neck.

Ensure your chin sits into the base of the mask.

For those who have a smaller jaw and thin neck it may be necessary to add an extra staple into the elastic for a closer fit.

WARNING: Facial hair may inhibit a good contact between the mask and skin thus reducing an effective seal.

Safety information

If you suffer any pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, heart problems, or skin allergies then you may find respiratory protective equipment (RPE) unsuitable. Your employer will assess this during the fit testing and if they are not fully satisfied they may request a medical assessment.

The mask should not be used if it is not fully sealed with this instruction leaflet.

Advice for practical respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fitting is provided by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF); this can be found at www.fit2fit.org

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