Sia Safe represents a new generation of safe, effective and environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitisation products.

Made in the UK

100% alcohol free

Sustainable packaging

Our parent company

Our parent company, Tetramass, is equally committed to a sustainable future. All of our business admin is paperless wherever possible, and we ensure any waste we generate is properly sorted and recycled.

Tetramass is actively involved in the development, manufacture and supply of bespoke coatings and additives for a wide range of applications, materials and environments.

Our founder, Mark Gardner, has been actively designing and developing chemical-based coatings and additives for over 40 years. He has developed as many 798 different coatings in use across the healthcare, automotive, hospitality, leisure, construction and textile industries.

We have developed coatings for to the NHS, Wetherspoons, Marriott, Wembley Stadium, the Houses of Parliament and many more…

Preserving the countryside

In 2018 our owner, Mark Gardner, purchased 14 acres of beautiful countryside and woodland which might otherwise have been used for development. Mark’s commitment is to ensure this land remains a beautiful nature reserve.

Tetramass Group incorporates the following businesses:

UK’s first odourless, antibacterial, 100% VOC-free emulsion paint

Manufacturer of bespoke additives and coatings

Supplier of high-performance materials

Supplier of high-performance coatings

Cutting-edge cleaning and sanitising technology